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Crystal Fresh

Crystal Fresh Make-UpCrystal fresh product
The deo-crystal is a 100% natural product, consisting of a number of mineral salts. Brought into contact with water and light, these crystallise over a period of weeks. Only the pure core of each batch of material is used as deo-crystal. There are no chemicals or other additives involved.
This very same crystal is used at present as a water purifier by the city of Bangkok.

How it works
When applied, the crystal leaves an unnoticeable film of molecules on the skin. These aid the skin in its natural process of protection against the bacteria that are the cause of odour and discomfort. While the growth of bacteria is prevented, the skin is allowed to breathe. Also, the crystal neutralises the fat in perspiration, causing it to dry faster. Perspiration, in itself a natural and necessary process, is not hindered. There is no absorption of material into the skin because of the large molecular structure of the crystal, and there is no toxic residue. The deo-crystal will not irritate sensitive skin. Anybody can use it for any length of time. For more information about the ingredients >>

How to use
If the body is wet, simply apply the deo-crystal in the same manner as a roll-on. If the body is dry, wet the crystal before use. Always dry the crystal after use, as it will eventually dissolve if left in water.

Why use the Deo-Crystal?

  • 100% natural
  • it works !
  • does not clog pores
  • scentless; matches any perfume
  • feels fresh and free
  • 24 hours protection
  • ideal for sensitive skin
  • does not stain clothes
  • looks attractive
  • used daily lasts up to one year !!

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