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About the ingredients
Crystal Fresh is made from pure potassium mineral salts, and nothing else. Potassium Alum occurs naturally in such minerals as Alunite (alum stone), Bauxite and Kalinite. Potassium alum is commercially produced through a leaching process or a mother liquor process.

The alum that is used in Crystal Fresh is in the salt form, not the metallic form. Alum is a natural element in nature, is present in the water we drink, in almost all the foods we eat and in the air we breathe. According to a study at the University of Wisconsin the average American adult diet includes between 20 to 60 milligrams of alum per day 1 of which 20 to 50 milligrams come from FDA approved food additives. Another 2 to 10 milligrams come from the natural content of the foods eaten.

In its natural form. alum is the third most abundant element in nature, after oxygen and silicon. It has been part of our environment since the beginning of time and is one of the basic building blocks of our universe. It makes up almost 8% of the earth's crust, surpassed in quantity only by oxygen at 47% and silicon at 28%. It is the soil and clays that only when processed, produces metallic aluminium products.

The potassium alum deodorant stones are hypoallergenic, because they are made from food grade ingredients. The manufacturing processes are designed to ensure the purity of the finished product. The deodorant stones feature physically large potassium alum molecules that are not absorbed in the skin/blood. Water has a molecular weight of 18, A potassium alum crystal molecule has a molecular weight of 474,38. A potassium alum crystal molecule in solution, is hydrated 24 times and consequently has a molecular weight of 654. It is impossible through natural means to get water to permeate the skin. Witness the large number of moisturisers available at the cosmetic counter and imagine how difficult it would be for a molecule that weighs 36.3 times times as much as water to permeate the skin.

The deodorant stone creates an environment hostile to bacterial growth. This is partially due to the low Ph of the deodorant and perspiration combination. No bacteria = no odour!