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Hello, Thanks for visiting our website.

Starting in the early nineties of the last century, our aim was to present a deodorant that really works and is safe to use. Today, after selling millions of deodorants and having so many happy users, we are pleased to see that it is possible to compare with the regular deodorant markets. On this website you can read about our successful formula and decide if you are willing to use a safe and natural deodorant. Crystal Fresh™ is not just a new gimmick in the market, it's a powerful solution for those who are struggling with clog pores and sensitive skin.Thousands of happy users are spreading the rumour around.

If you are interested in using Crystal Fresh™, please feel free to contact us. And if you are interested in selling Crystal Fresh™, please do too.

Apart from small individual nature- and health stores all over the world, we are selling Crystal Fresh™ through big companies like Holland & Barret in the Netherlands, Tree Of Life in the United Kingdom and Baule Volante in Italy. Crystal Fresh is a real alternative for all kinds of deodorants. So many users can tell!

And by the way:
  • In our factories no children under 16 are employed.
  • Crystal Fresh has never been tested on animals, nor will it ever be.
  • Crystal Fresh is a natural product. It is environmentally safe and the packaging does not contain pvc.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Niek Roovers, General manager