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Deodorant and breastcancer
If an aluminum compound, such as aluminum chlorhydrate or aluminum zirconium, which is very soluble, is used as on antiperspirant, that compound is readily absorbed. Once in the body, the aluminum portion of the molecule ionizes, forming free or radical aluminum (AL+±±). This ion passes freely across cell membranes, and forms a physical plug, that when dissolved is selectively absorbed by the liver, kidney, brain, cartilage and bone morrow. It is this concentration of aluminum that has been the source for concern in the medical community and has prompted the research being done on ALZIHEIMER'S DISEASE and BREAST CANCER victims. Potassium alum, on the other hand has a negative ionic charge, making it unable to penetrate the cell wall. This is why our products work as a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. THEY ARE NOT ABSORBED. This is why our deodorants are safe and DO NOT CONTAIN ALUMiNUM CHLORHYDRATE or ALUMINUM ZIRCONIUM.

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Study by Dr Phillippa Darbre from the University of Reading finding paraben chemicals in cancer tumours.