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Quality Life

Started as a small company in the early nineties of the last century, Quality Life has grown to a much bigger company in 2006.
At this moment Quality Life is the biggest seller of Crystal Fresh in Europe and our company is still growing. Becoming a larger company does not mean that we have forgotten where we came from: operating from a little room in the North of The Netherlands has brought us much success and a real office building in the centre of The Netherlands: Deventer.

Although our customers are mostly big companies from all over Europe, we also still deliver our deodorants to the little green nature shops everywhere.
Part of our philosophy is that Crystal Fresh is so helpful for so many people that it became its own marketing principle: if you use this deodorant, you will never use another deodorant  again in your life.

As you can see, Crystal Fresh comes in a large collection of varieties: a stick, a spray, a feet powder and so on.
See our product page for all the details. Selling Crystal Fresh for over ten years now, has learned us that this deodorant should be located in every shop.
If you are interesting in selling Crystal Fresh in your shop(s), please contact us. You will find our data at the Contact-page.
If you are a single consumer crossing this website and you want to find a place where Crystal Fresh is available, please feel free to get in touch.